Build a Jekyll development environment with VS Code & Remote Containers

Published on: 25 Jul

So you want to build a site, host it on Github (for free) and don’t know where to start? Here’s how I did it!

Authenticating to Microsoft Graph with PowerShell - (2021)

Published on: 18 Jul

Talking about ways to authenticate to Graph is one of my least favourite subjects. After a while it gets a bit monotonous, but as with all technologies, things change..

Create & assign filters with PowerShell & Graph

Published on: 4 Jul

As I’ve said before, working with dynamic groups in Intune isn’t my favourite thing.

Luckily, Microsoft has been listening and have provided us with a better way to dynamically apply policies to devices with filters!

Create advanced dynamic groups with PowerShell & Azure Functions

Published on: 16 Jun

I’ve never been entirely happy with dynamic groups in Intune. The primary reason for this boils down to two primary issues:

  • The time it takes to analyze the dynamic group rules is nowhere near fast enough.
  • The available properties available for dynamic group rules are limited to the data available in AAD - not Intune.

Working with Intune Settings Catalog using PowerShell and Graph

Published on: 8 Mar

Microsoft has recently introduced even more ways to create device configuration profiles..

The new profile type, named Settings Catalog, allows us to explicitly define and configure a policy that has only the settings that they want for that profile, nothing more. Additionally, the existing configuration profiles and ADMX templates have been migrated to the templates profile type.