Authenticate to Graph in Azure Functions with Managed Identites (Part 1)

Published on: 12 Sep

When creating Azure Functions, there has always been a way to create and use “managed identities” to securely and simply access resources within the resource group that the function app resides.

With a little bit of PowerShell and a basic understanding of how API permissions are programmatically applied, we can use the managed identity to access Graph without needing to store credentials anywhere! Secure AND cool, right?

Calculate & Validate MD5 hashes on Azure blob storage files with PowerShell

Published on: 31 Dec

I was recently asked to implement a solution to verify the integrity of a file stored in an Azure blob storage container. What started out as a frustrating task ended up being a really cool solution that I wanted to share with everyone!

Manage Intune Trusted Certificate Profile Expiration with PowerShell & Microsoft Graph

Published on: 27 Dec

How do you remind yourself to renew your CA root certificates / subordinate certificates? Do you set a calendar reminder? Did the person who set those reminders up forget to share them with the team and now is on holidays?

Fear not, for I have holiday gift for you - using nothing but PowerShell, we can interrogate our trusted certificate policies and, as if by magic, send out alerts when the attached certificates are about to expire!

Authenticate to Graph directly from PowerBI!

Published on: 15 Aug

Recently, one of my colleagues sent me a really cool Intune application patching report that they were working on and I wanted to see if I could make the data collection more automated / dynamic. Now, It’s been a LONG time since I’ve dipped my toes into the headache that is PowerBI, but once I see a challenge, it’s difficult for me to leave it alone…

Build a Jekyll development environment with VS Code & Remote Containers

Published on: 25 Jul

So you want to build a site, host it on Github (for free) and don’t know where to start? Here’s how I did it!