Powers Hell merchandise is here!

For those that don’t know, aside from meeting incredibly smart people and sharing knowledge, the main reason I love going to conferences is that I get to trade “nerd shirts” with conference attendees.

Every conference I attend, I spend time to design and print “one-off” t-shirts to give away and trade.

Shirts are inherently cooler than business cards and I take my shirts very seriously.

So with that said, I’ve decided to put up the very popular and very unavailable “Powers-Hell” shirt that I printed for PSConfEU 2019 for a limited time.

Slightly tweaked so the original shirts can stand out a bit, I’ve also added different colours and styles.

These shirts will be available for a few weeks and then they will be gone forever.

I hate that I have to charge for them, but perhaps this will make my hobby self-sustaining!

Head over to the store to have a look!

— Ben