Installing printers with Intune & PowerShell

Published on: 25 Apr

On the surface, installing printers on end user devices seems like a fairly simple process that’s been solved for decades - a nice combination of Group Policies and PowerShell has made this a non-issue.

But what if our devices aren’t domain joined?

Creating Endpoint Security Policies with PowerShell

Published on: 21 Apr

Keeping up with the rapid momentum of everything in the modern management world is a full time job. It’s exhausting, but it’s also fun.

Replicate your favorite VSCode theme in Windows Terminal

Published on: 5 Apr

Windows Terminal has been out for around 6 months now and it’s safe to say it’s a huge success. It’s a great way to handle working with multiple terminal applications in one space, and the ability to customize the environment to suit your needs (both aesthetic and functional) make it a perfect tool for anyone who lives in a shell environment for hours on end.

Synchronize SharePoint sites with Intune & PowerShell

Published on: 14 Mar

I recently spent some time with my good friend and frequent collaborator Steven Hosking. We spoke about a solution I came up with to synchronize SharePoint sites to devices using PowerShell & Intune.

Organize AutoPilot devices in dynamic AAD groups using GroupTags & PowerShell

Published on: 12 Dec

Don’t ever say Microsoft doesn’t listen! One of my biggest pet peeves was solved at the beginning of the month when Microsoft announced the ability to edit device group tags!

This doesn’t sound like much, but it essentially unlocks the potential of group tags that was never really there before - we can now use group tags to dynamically control device group membership.