Authenticate to Microsoft Graph in PowerShell in two lines of code!

Published on: 16 Aug

TWO LINES???!!! you bet!!

One of my biggest gripes over the last few years with IT blogs and general talk of working with Azure & PowerShell is how much time is wasted on talking about how to authenticate into Azure\Graph\AAD.

Monitor changes to Intune using Azure Functions, GraphAPI & PowerShell

Published on: 17 May
In my last post, I showed you how to move a very common task – authenticating into the GraphAPI, up into an Azure Function App

Working with GraphAPI & PowerBI the easy way!

Published on: 14 May
I'm sure lots of us out there in the IT world have spent some time with PowerBI with varying degrees of headache-inducing successes.

Install Microsoft Teams with Intune, PowerShell & Bits!

Published on: 16 Apr
I know most people out there cringe at the thought of spending time packaging applications for deployment, but unfortunately I seem to be a sucker for punishment and really do revel in the challenges faced with application packaging!

How to force Intune configuration scripts to re-run

Published on: 15 Apr
With a little PowerShell magic, everything is easy!!!