Control advanced power settings with PowerCfg & PowerShell

Published on: 10 Dec

One of the most common questions I get asked about Intune & Modern Device Management is “Would it be possible to do X with Intune?”

With the native support to deploy and run PowerShell scripts in either user or system contexts, this allows my answer to always be “Yes! We can do anything you want - you just need to decide on how much time you wish to invest in the solution.”

Case in point - I was recently asked if it were possible to configure the power settings of a fleet of laptops to change the behaviour of the device when the lid is closed while on power.

Getting your AAD Tenant Id without authentication!

Published on: 3 Sep
I've been doing some work with silent configuration of OneDrive & I needed my tenant Id without having to log in to the tenant - can PowerShell help??

Set multiple registry values to all users HKCU profiles using PowerShell & Active Setup

Published on: 30 Aug
This is a quick one - an improvement on an almost perfect script that doesn't quite work how it should.

Authenticate to Microsoft Graph in PowerShell in two lines of code!

Published on: 16 Aug

TWO LINES???!!! you bet!!

One of my biggest gripes over the last few years with IT blogs and general talk of working with Azure & PowerShell is how much time is wasted on talking about how to authenticate into Azure\Graph\AAD.

Monitor changes to Intune using Azure Functions, GraphAPI & PowerShell

Published on: 17 May
In my last post, I showed you how to move a very common task – authenticating into the GraphAPI, up into an Azure Function App