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Publishing PowerShell scripts to Intune with Graph

I’ve recently been asked the question – “How can I make sure that the scripts that I publish to Intune are always set to run as 64bit instead of the default 32bit?”

I thought was a great question with a few simple solutions – so let’s look at the two methods I’ve used in the past to make sure you don’t “fat finger” your way into frustration!

Deploying Universal Print Printers With PowerShell & Intune

Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing with Universal Print – the cloud print solution developed by Microsoft and I honestly can’t praise it enough. Configuring the “infrastructure” for the solution took me less than 5 minutes.. Seriously – Grab a license (free during the public preview), install and configure a connector on a device with line-of-sight to your printer and finally set the printer shares in the …

Managing Intune with Graph, PowerShell 7 & MSAL

So it seems we need to talk about Graph and authentication again… Recently, Microsoft announced an official “end of support timeline” for Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) which means, any scripts or automation workflows that you use will need to be migrated over to the newer Microsoft Authentication Libraries (MSAL). There are many differences between the two libraries, but the workflows are very similar – a request is …

Authenticate to Microsoft Graph in PowerShell in two lines of code!

TWO LINES???!!! you bet!! One of my biggest gripes over the last few years with IT blogs and general talk of working with Azure & PowerShell is how much time is wasted on talking about how to authenticate into Azure\Graph\AAD. I’d suggest it is one of the harder hurdles to getting into the modern DevOps way of working. OAuth & OAuth 2 can be a very daunting thing and …