Authenticating to Microsoft Graph with PowerShell - (2021)

Published on: 18 Jul

Talking about ways to authenticate to Graph is one of my least favourite subjects. After a while it gets a bit monotonous, but as with all technologies, things change..

Create & assign filters with PowerShell & Graph

Published on: 4 Jul

As I’ve said before, working with dynamic groups in Intune isn’t my favourite thing.

Luckily, Microsoft has been listening and have provided us with a better way to dynamically apply policies to devices with filters!

Create advanced dynamic groups with PowerShell & Azure Functions

Published on: 16 Jun

I’ve never been entirely happy with dynamic groups in Intune. The primary reason for this boils down to two primary issues:

  • The time it takes to analyze the dynamic group rules is nowhere near fast enough.
  • The available properties available for dynamic group rules are limited to the data available in AAD - not Intune.

Working with Intune Settings Catalog using PowerShell and Graph

Published on: 8 Mar

Microsoft has recently introduced even more ways to create device configuration profiles..

The new profile type, named Settings Catalog, allows us to explicitly define and configure a policy that has only the settings that they want for that profile, nothing more. Additionally, the existing configuration profiles and ADMX templates have been migrated to the templates profile type.

Publishing PowerShell scripts to Intune with Graph

Published on: 19 Jan
I've recently been asked the question - "How can I make sure that the scripts that I publish to Intune are always set to run as 64bit instead of the default 32bit?" I thought was a great question with a few simple solutions - so let's look at the two methods I've used in the past to make sure you don't "fat finger" your way into frustration!