Dynamically set the time zone of a device in Intune using Azure Maps & PowerShell

Published on: 30 Aug

Let me start off by saying I wish I didn’t have to write this post. Setting the correct time zone of a Windows device shouldn’t be this difficult, especially with all of the management possibilities provided to us with Intune and the entire endpoint management stack. But here we are!

Managing Intune with Graph, PowerShell 7 & MSAL

Published on: 27 Jun

So it seems we need to talk about Graph and authentication again..

Recently, Microsoft announced an official “end of support timeline” for Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) which means, any scripts or automation workflows that you use will need to be migrated over to the newer Microsoft Authentication Libraries (MSAL).

Installing fonts with PowerShell & Intune

Published on: 8 Jun

So this seems like a fairly simple and innocuous task - the marketing department comes to you and ask for a handful of new fonts to be deployed to all devices..

Previously you may have solved this request using Group Policy - but if you are managing your devices with Intune, where do you even start?

With PowerShell & Win32 app deployments of course!

Rapidly build Autopilot VMs with Hyper-V and PowerShell!

Published on: 18 May

Picture this scenario - you are at the pointy end of a major modern management project and it’s time to test every policy, configuration and application at scale and quickly.

What do you do? With infinite money, infinite time and a willing client, you take over their VC meeting room and stack dozens of devices on a desk and blast slayer while you verify your builds ( this literally has happened to me)..

Create a bootable Windows 10 Autopilot device with PowerShell!

Published on: 4 May
The most common complaint that I've received from people over the last few years around Intune / Autopilot / Modern Management is that people find it frustrating how much effort is involved in getting a device prepared to handover to a client for Autopilot enrollment.