Synchronize SharePoint sites with Intune & PowerShell

Published on: 14 Mar

I recently spent some time with my good friend and frequent collaborator Steven Hosking. We spoke about a solution I came up with to synchronize SharePoint sites to devices using PowerShell & Intune.

Organize AutoPilot devices in dynamic AAD groups using GroupTags & PowerShell

Published on: 12 Dec

Don’t ever say Microsoft doesn’t listen! One of my biggest pet peeves was solved at the beginning of the month when Microsoft announced the ability to edit device group tags!

This doesn’t sound like much, but it essentially unlocks the potential of group tags that was never really there before - we can now use group tags to dynamically control device group membership.

Build Azure Functions using PowerShell Core 6 & VS Code!

Published on: 8 May
Now that the public preview of PowerShell support for Azure Functions V2 has been released, it only seems fitting that I demonstrate not only how to create a PowerShell function app, but how to create, test AND deploy the function entirely in VS Code!

Upload files to Azure File Share using PowerShell & Microsoft Flow

Published on: 18 Dec
I’m a big fan of using Start-Transcript in my application install wrappers as it provides a very neat and tidy way to capture the output

Control advanced power settings with PowerCfg & PowerShell

Published on: 10 Dec

One of the most common questions I get asked about Intune & Modern Device Management is “Would it be possible to do X with Intune?”

With the native support to deploy and run PowerShell scripts in either user or system contexts, this allows my answer to always be “Yes! We can do anything you want - you just need to decide on how much time you wish to invest in the solution.”

Case in point - I was recently asked if it were possible to configure the power settings of a fleet of laptops to change the behaviour of the device when the lid is closed while on power.